Sounding the Screen (w/ Maile Colbert) @ UnionDocs, April 23, 7:30pm

Screening to be followed by discussion with Maile Colbert, Jenny Perlin, Jackie Goss, Tinne Zenner, Mark Street, & Monteith McCollum

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What comes together through sound is emergent and passing time — a sense of duration, the field of memory, a fullness of space that lies beyond touch and out of sight, hidden from vision (…) Through that strange anomaly of the senses, the way we perceive the world and the ways in which we represent those perceptions, we strain to hear what can never be there. ­­
-David Toop, Sinister Resonance: The Mediumship of the Listener.


The Gloaming

15 min., 2017

Images and sounds of whimsical exploration. Small urban vignettes in Portugal rise to the surface and fade into memory. A short film born of detachment, remove, alienation. Walking, looking, shooting, recording sound. One day with camera, the next with sound recorder; a tag team of geographical tracings. Quotidian theater beckons; a sheet waving in the wind, the sound of a streetcar; why do these unadorned moments seem so necessary ? The sketches accumulate and then dissipate.

The Measures

47 min., 2011

Jacqueline Goss and Jenny Perlin retrace the journey of the two astronomers tasked with determining the true length of the meter. From the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel, The Measures explores the metric system’s origins during the violence and upheaval of the French Revolution. Along the way, Goss and Perlin consider the intertwining of political and personal turmoil, the failures of standardization, and the subtleties of collaboration.


11 min., 2017

In a home filled with rare art objects from around the world, a disjunctured set of tales unravel about the travels of collector Don Boros. Dislocating fact from fiction and time from place, the tales are intermixed with the notable text “Sensations of Tone” by Helmholtz, the 19th century physicist. This work exists as a single channel and interactive version. This work utilizes the audience’s iPhones to provide for a sonic and visual experience that physically engages the viewer and incorporates the space of the theater.


16 min., 2017

A film centred on the production of landscape and concrete in the Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal. Covering a vast area of coast, caves, mountains and forest, the park is inhabited by a massive concrete factory that branches through the landscape. Documenting the various layers of the sourced material, the factory body and the constructed landscape, the film looks at how time is physically embedded in the matter and how the molecular particles act in a circular re-shaping of the whole. The film merges 16mm footage shot in the area of Arrábida with 3D animation of the topographic landscape as an equal analogue layer.
Screenings include: CPH:DOX, Courtisane Festival, Images Festival

Live soundtrack and soundscape from Maile Colbert.

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